Graduate Day 2023

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IDAES Graduate Day 2023

[Project “NEMTICATID: Aesthetics, Ethics and Strategics of the New Migratory Cartographies and Transcultural Identities in Twenty-First Century Literature(s) in English (2019-2023)” (PID2019-109582GB-100)]

The Inter-university Doctoral programme in Advanced English Studies: Linguistics, Literature and Culture, run by the Universities of A Coruña (UDC), Santiago de Compostela (USC) and Vigo (UVigo), invites you to attend and participate in IDAES Graduate Day 2023, which will be held at the University of A Coruña (Facultade de Filoloxía, Salón de Graos) on May 24th, 2023, 10am–7pm.

IDAES Graduate Day 2023 will be a one-day academic event consisting of the following activities:



IDAES Graduate Day May, 24th 2023, UDC, Faculty of Philology, Grades Hall, 1st Floor

10:00-11:00: Chair: Dr. Margarita Estévez-Saá: Prof. María del Carmen África Vidal Claramonte (University of Salamanca): “Listen, palomo. Vamos a traducir bad English!”


  • 11.00 Ian Matthews (UVIGO) “Blade Runner 2049”
  • 11.10 Keah Amy Dixon (UDC) “Galician Culture into English”
  • 11.20 Martín Praga (UDC) “Beautiful Pamphlets: Contemporary Political Poetry in the USA”
  • 11.30 M. Mar Martinez de Osaba Rañón (UDC) “The Reception of British Female Writers in Eighteenth-century Periodicals”
  • 11.40 Susana Luisa Costa Otero (UDC) “On Modal Verbs and Modality, Gender and Geography”
  • 11.50 Iria Seijas-Pérez (UVIGO) “Queering Irish Girlhood through Contemporary Young Adult Literature”
  • 12.00 Paula Currás Prada (UDC) “Lyric Texture, Women and Animals in the Poetry of Alice Fulton”
  • 12.10 Sara Tabuyo Santaclara (UVIGO) “An Overview of Girlhood in The Handmaid’s Tale Franchise”
  • 12.20 Iria Lens Fernández (UVIGO) “Reimagining the Border”
  • 12.30 Ángela Gómez García (USC) “Masculinities and Viewer Reception in Dracula, Vampire Diaries, Fifty Shades of Grey and After”

12.40-13.00: BREAK

13:00-14:00: Chair: Mª Jesús Lorenzo Modia: Prof. Román Álvarez Rodríguez (University of Salamanca): “La acreditación en la carrera de investigación en España”

14.00-16.00 LUNCH BREAK

16:00-17:00: Chair: Dr. José M. Estévez-Saá: Prof. Cristina Alsina (University of Barcelona): “Escaping the prison of normative domestic spaces: (Un)housing as resistance”

17.00-17.15: CLOSING EVENT

17.15-17.30: BREAK

17:30-19:00: PRESENTATION RESEARCH PROJECTS (Session 2) Chair: Prof. Isabel Moskowich

  • 17.30 M. Belén Guijarro Castillo (USC) “The Violent Construction of America”
  • 17.40 Eduardo Varela Bravo (UVIGO) “Blanco White and Women: A New Approach”
  • 17.50 David Willingham (UVIGO) “Reflections on Trauma, Social Inducement, Sex and Love Addiction, Resilience and Recovery in Anglophone Cinema”
  • 18.00 Mar Nieves Fernández (UVIGO) “An Overview of the Velar Nasal through Eighteenth-Century Pronouncing Dictionaries”
  • 18.10 Jorge Alba Fernández Avilés (USC) “An ecolinguistic Analysis of Corporate Responsibility Reports, with a Focus on Stance and Factivity”
  • 18.20 Samuel Egea Castañeda (USC) “Posthumanism, Literature and Fashion”
  • 18.30 Valentina Sofía Corbalán Labora (UDC) “Decolonizing the Paradise: identity and Sovereignty in the Narratives of Asian American and Pacific Islander Women Writers”
  • 18.40 Carmen Gloria Cernadas Lema (USC) “Enunciation, Identity and Gender in the narrative of A. L. Kennedy and Roddy Doyle”
  • 18.50 M. Olalla Santos Barral (USC) “Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland and the Novel: Sara Baume’s Seven Steeples”
  • 19.00 Ricardo José Pavón (UVIGO) “Variation in the Clausal Complementation System in World Englishes: A Corpus-Based Study of FORGET”

Sponsored by: “NEMTICATID: Aesthetics, Ethics and Strategics of the New Migratory Cartographies and Transcultural Identities in Twenty-First Century Literature(s) in English (2007-2019)” (PID2019-109582GB-100) and Escola Internacional Doutoramento (UDC)

Registration is free. If you wish to attend, please fill in the on-line registration form at the following link: Registered students will be issued official attendance certificates.

PhD students who present their research during the event will have 10 minutes for their presentation plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion, and they will also be issued official participation certificates.

Looking forward to meeting you at IDAES Graduate Day 2023,


María Jesús Lorenzo Modia (

Margarita Estévez-Saá

Javier Pérez Guerra