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Nov 2017


Dr. Cristóbal Lozano conducted the research seminar “Investigating word order in L2 English: triangulating corpus and experimental approaches” at the Faculty of Philology and Translation in Vigo, on 27 Nov 2017. In the first part, he discussed the findings from a series of studies he carried out in collaboration with Dr. Amaya Mendikoetxea (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) on the acquisition of word order in L1 Spanish-L2 English by considering Subject-Verb inversion structures like those in *because exist the science technology and industrialisation. [Ø-V-S], *it has appeared some cases of women who have killed their husbands. [it-V-S], there exist hidden tactics to seize the money of others. [there-V-S], and In the main plot appear the main characters: Volpone and Mosca. [PP-V-S]. He argued that we can only get a better understanding of word-order alternations (VS but also SV order) if we triangulate results from corpus data as well as from experimental data. The second part of this seminar consisted of a hands-on session, in which Cristóbal Lozano explored some of the data with the help of corpus software: UAM Corpus Tool and AntConc. This seminar received funding from the International Doctoral School in Vigo (EIDO) and the Department of English, French and German in Vigo.

Dr. Cristóbal Lozano has been Associate Professor at the University of Granada since 2010. Before that he was assistant lecturer in Hertfordshire and in Essex, where he completed his PhD in 2003 under the supervision of Prof. Roger Hawkins. He also held postdoc positions in Castilla La Mancha and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Juan de la Cierva senior researcher, in the team led by Dr. Amaya Mendikoetexea). Cristóbal Lozano has developed research and teaching stays in Universidad del País Vasco, UNED, Menéndez Pelayo, Valladolid, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Bremen, Denison University, Thessaloniki, Cologne, etc. In 2017, he was a Fulbright visiting researcher in Pennsylvania State. His research lines are: compilation and exploitation of learner corpora (currently, Dr. Lozano is director of the CEDEL2 corpus, L2 Spanish Written Corpus), and Second Language Acquisition, particularly focusing on the lexicon-syntax interface, word order issues and, more recently, anaphora. He has been a member of several competitive research projects coordinated by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is currently the PI of the Mineco ANACOR research project. He has published chapters in collective volumes, handbooks and encyclopedias with publishers such as Blackwell, John Benjamins, Rodopi, Elsevier, Cascadilla Press and many University presses. His journal articles can be found in, to give a few examples, Journal of Psycholinguistic ResearchJournal of Spanish Language TeachingYear’s Work in English StudiesSecond Language Research or International Journal of Applied Linguistics. More info: