Seminar on code-switching and crosslinguistic influence

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Sep 2019

Seminar on code-switching and crosslinguistic influence

M. Luz Celaya Villanueva, University of Barcelona, will conduct the research seminar "When the L2 is not enough: Code-switching and Crosslinguistic influence" in Vigo (Philology and Translation) on 22 November at 11:00. Dr Celaya’s research interests include crosslinguistic influence, the use of the L1 in the foreign language classroom, development of written production in English as a Foreign Language, syntactic and pragmatic development in multilingual learners. The seminar is funded by the PhD programme in Advanced English Studies at the University of Vigo.

Abstract: With the main focus on English as a foreign language (EFL), the session will deal with two closely related topics, namely, code-switching (CS) and crosslinguistic influence (CLI) as features that define second language acquisition (SLA) by multilingual learners and communication in multilingual encounters nowadays. We will review several studies to analyse CS in the foreign language classroom and will also focus on some recent paradigms that address CLI in multilingual contexts.