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Feb 2020


Nov 2019

Language at the Bar: Law and the Interpreter in Ireland

Prof Margaret Kelleher, Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin, author of The Maamtrasna Murders: Language, Life and Death in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, will deliver the talk "Language at the Bar: Law and the Interpreter in Ireland, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives" on 25 October in Vigo.


Sep 2019

Seminar on code-switching and crosslinguistic influence

M. Luz Celaya Villanueva, University of Barcelona, will conduct the research seminar "When the L2 is not enough: Code-switching and Crosslinguistic influence" in Vigo (Philology and Translation) on 22 November.


Apr 2019


The Inter-university Doctoral programme in Advanced English Studies: Linguistics, Literature and Culture, run by the Universities of A Coruñ


Jun 2018

Modelling the linguistic architecture of English

The LVTC research group, a member of IDAES, organised in Vigo (24-25 May 2018) the international conference “Modelling the linguistic architecture of English: theories and methods”. This conference was intended as a discussion forum which brought together senior and junior scholars and researchers from different countries for the purpose of presenting new strategies and methodologies applicable to the theoretical and empirical description of language(s), with a focus on English.