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Mar 2018

Christopher Norris on “Creative Criticism”

The University of Santiago de Compostela and the research network 'Lingua e Literatura Inglesa e Identidade III' organise the research seminar 'Christopher Norris on “Creative Criticism”: Literary theory and poetic practice' in Santiago on 2-5th April, 2018. IDAES members are welcome to attend the seminar.


Feb 2018

Transdisciplinary Approaches to Affect Theory

The workshop ‘Transdisciplinary Approaches to Affect Theory’ will be conducted by Libe García Zarranz Norwegian, Associate Professor in Literature in English, University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim.


Dec 2017

Cosmopolitanism and forgiveness in Canadian literature

Dr. Eva Darias Beautell visited the University of Vigo on November the 27th, where she delivered a lecture entitled “Responding to Crises: Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness in Canadian Literature”. Starting with a brief introduction to theoretical approaches to cosmopolitanism and the ethics of state apologies, Dr. Darias Beautell dedicated a part of her analysis to the case of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada that investigated the policy of forced assimilation of Indigenous children in Residential Schools in Canada. On the second part of her lecture she offered an extensive overview of diverse and divergent responses to crimes against human rights in the Canadian fiction written in English, including outstanding examples like Joy Kogawa’s Obasan, Rawi Hage’s Cockroach, Madelein Thien’s Certainty, and Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda. Her lecture was followed by an engaging Q&A period with the participation of graduate students and colleagues in our Ph.D. program.


Dec 2017

Translating the Memory of Migration

Professor Loredana Polezzi gave a lecture entitled “Between Trauma and Desire: Translating the Memory of Migration” at the Faculty of Philology and Translation in Vigo, on 30 Nov 2017. The talk  was directly linked to the  doctoral seminar (actividade formativa de doutoramento) “The Representation of Conflicts: An Introduction to Trauma and Memory in Texts”, co-taught by Dr. Teresa Caneda and Dr. Martín Urdiales. This seminar approaches the representation of traumatic events such as the Irish Famine and the Holocaust which implied forms of enforced mobility and have become associated with cultural memory/ies.


Nov 2017


Dr. Cristóbal Lozano conducted the research seminar “Investigating word order in L2 English: triangulating corpus and experimental approaches” at the Faculty of Philology and Translation in Vigo, on 27 Nov 2017. In the first part, he discussed the findings from a series of studies he carried out in collaboration with Dr. Amaya Mendikoetxea (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) on the acquisition of word order in L1 Spanish-L2 English by considering Subject-Verb inversion structures like those in *because exist the science technology and industrialisation. [Ø-V-S], *it has appeared some cases of women who have killed their husbands. [it-V-S], there exist hidden tactics to seize the money of others. [there-V-S], and In the main plot appear the main characters: Volpone and Mosca. [PP-V-S]. He argued that we can only get a better understanding of word-order alternations (VS but also SV order) if we triangulate results from corpus data as well as from experimental data. The second part of this seminar consisted of a hands-on session, in which Cristóbal Lozano explored some of the data with the help of corpus software: UAM Corpus Tool and AntConc. This seminar received funding from the International Doctoral School in Vigo (EIDO) and the Department of English, French and German in Vigo.