Professional and Academic Career

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This programme is intended for all those who wish to acquire the competence and skills necessary for research activity in the field of English Studies, with the aim of making them suitable for collaborating and working in research centres and universities. Quite simply, the programme is the final stage of research training for future academics and university lecturers, both in Spain and abroad. The programme presented here fulfils the objectives of the Dublin Descriptors for the post-graduate level, since it provides advanced knowledge in present trends within the different specialized fields of English Studies (English Linguistics and Literature and Culture of English-speaking countries). The programme also allows students to develop communication with other members of the academic community, and to carry out and defend research which is critical, rigorous, original. It also provides students with the competence, skills and research methodology needed in each field. Finally, and according to the Dublin Descriptors, students will become familiar with new technologies applied, for example, to general research, and especially to corpus linguistics, computing, the use of huge linguistic and literary data bases, automatic translation, statistical techniques, new technologies applied to the teaching of languages and literatures, etc.