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May 2021

Seminar 'Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis'

On 25-27 May 2021, IDAES-UVigo organised the research seminar ‘Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis'. The seminar was conducted by Dr Eva María Gómez Jiménez.


May 2021

AEDEI virtual Conference "Silences and Inconvenient Truths in Irish Culture and Society"

We are pleased to announce the celebration of the 19th International AEDEI virtual Conference: "Silences and Inconvenient Truths in Irish Culture and Society", University of Vigo, 27-28 May.


May 2021

Graduate Day 2021 very soon!

The IDAES programme invites you to attend and participate in IDAES GRADUATE DAY 2021, which will be organised online by the University of Vigo on June 4th 2021. More info:


Mar 2021

Ana C. Gomes da Rocha's PhD viva on 17 Mar 2021

We are happy to announce that Ana Cristina Gomes da Rocha’s PhD viva (BIFEGA research group) will take place on 17 March at 10:30 at the University of Vigo (Campus Remoto). The title of her PhD is Contemporary Indigenous Women's Fiction from the Pacific: Discourses of Resistance and the (Re)Writing of Spaces of Violence and Desire.


Dec 2020

Luisa Cazorla's PhD viva on 21 Dec 2020

We are happy to announce that Luisa Cazorla Torrado's PhD viva (BIFEGA research group) will take place on 21 December at 11:00 at the University of Vigo (campus remoto). The title of her PhD is BLACK STITCHES: AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN’S QUILTING AND STORY TELLING, supervised by Belén Martín Lucas (UVigo).